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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

iframe and cross-domain security leads to "Bahama BotNet"?

Click Forensics is calling this the Internet marketing potential fraud behavior - "Bahama botnet" because initially it was redirecting traffic through 200,000 parked domains in the Bahamas, although it now is using sites in Amsterdam, the U.K. and Silicon Valley.

HTML tag Iframes can be very flexible too and is said to be potential source for the fraud - "Bahama botnet"; much less constrained than a "framed" page. They can be a great way to add an "update" section to a page without having to worry about the size of the new content.

Iframes place a smaller "box" containing another HTML document inside the larger main display. It's like having a smaller window inside the main window to display a separate source of information. Frames split an entire window into two or more sections. Frames run edge to edge rather than being a box placed somewhere inside.

Click fraud affects marketers who spend money on pay-per-click (PPC).

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Note: First introduced by Microsoft Internet Explorer in 1997 and long only available in that browser, the iframe tag is now widely supported by visual browsers. Unlike an object element, an inline frame may be the "target" frame for links defined in other elements and it may be "selected" by a browser as the focus for printing, viewing HTML source etc.

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